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Otsima Talent Solutions is a Cross-border Boutique Talent Acquisition organization and provides Human Capital Assessment services with the purpose to identify and select those best suited through comprehensive, quality assured search processes

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“Anurag Maheshwari supported me when I was Head of Global Sales at Infosys Technologies in his role as Recruitment Manager. Anurag is an energetic, make-it-happen kind of a guy. He was always on top of things. But while moving things along, he was always patient with both candidates and Infosys Sales Leaders. We came up with a new hiring strategy which Anurag was instrumental in executing.

Anurag knows the hiring landscape in the IT Services sector both in India and the US very well. He would be an asset to any recruitment effort.”


Adviser and Board Member – Enterprise Technology and Services Companies

Former Head of Global Sales – Infosys

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What are the benefits of using CBD products?

CBD products have many potential benefits, including reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep. CBD is also known to be anti-inflammatory and to help regulate the immune system. CBD oil can be taken orally, applied topically, or vaped. It is important to choose a high-quality CBD oil https://purekana.com/collections/ product to ensure that you reap the full benefits of this natural supplement. Pure Kana offers a wide variety of CBD products, including oils, edibles, capsules, and topical balms, all of which are made with organic ingredients and are THC free.

Is it difficult to get a medical marijuana card in California?

It depends on the county you reside in. Some counties are much more difficult to get a card than others. For example, San Francisco https://wayofleaf.com/mmj-cards/state/medical-marijuana-card-california is notoriously difficult, while Los Angeles and Orange County are relatively easy. The best way to find out is to go to the website of your state’s Department of Health Services and look for information on medical marijuana cards. There should be a page with all the relevant information, including contact details for local health departments where you can apply for a card.

Mario Kart Wii is the best-selling perpetual game

Mario Kart Wii — 2008 kart car racing video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It is the 6th video game in the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart Wii was released worldwide in April 2008. As with previous releases, Mario Kart Wii features playable characters from the Mario Collection who race on over 30 different racing courses using unique things to hinder opponents or gain advantages. On our site roms-hub.com, you can find an emulator that can support your preferred console games and then download compatible ROM games. The game offers many solitaire and multiplayer settings, consisting of split-screen; for about four people. Mario Kart Wii uses the Wii Remote’s motion sensor to provide user-friendly and familiar control; each copy of the video game comes with a Wii Wheel accessory to expand this attribute. The video game earned positive reviews upon release, praising the online setting, characters, gameplay, tracks and maps, although the harmonization was poor. criticized. It is one of the best-selling video games ever. in perpetuity, with more than 37 million copies sold, as well as the second Wii game to be released. success after Wii Sports.


Mario Kart Wii — is a kart racing game with single player and also multiplayer settings. Players manage one of many selectable characters from the Mario franchise and race or battle using karts or bikes on themed tracks around Mario franchise locations. During the game, the player sees the action from the point of view of a 3rd individual who follows the player around. because of his card. While driving, the player can perform speed-accelerating stunts such as mid-air stunts, wanders, wakes, and wheelies (only for bikes).


While riding, the player collects rewards from boxes containing products positioned at the wheel. different points of the track. These power-ups allow the player to attack opponents, causing them to diminish or become uncontrollable; prevent such assaults or increase speed. These are serial staples such as mushroom, Koopa projectiles, superstar, banana peel and also lightning bolts. There are also three new items: Mega Mushroom (a less effective celebrity), Storm Cloud (activated instantly as soon as the player gets it from an item box) and POW Block (a much less effective lightning bolt and its effect can also be avoided by jumping at the perfect minute), neither of which return in Mario Kart 7. The Megashroom extends temporarily the player to a huge dimension and allows it to crush opposing karts, the POW block encourages all racers to escape from the individual can spin and throw their objects if used (unless they avoid it while flying or drinking the Wii Remote) and the Thunder Cloud provides the recipient augment and all-terrain abilities, but the recipient must crash into other riders to pass it on to them before the object hits, spinning them and reducing them to low speed. small sizes.


Mario Kart Wii supports four different control planes. The primary control plane is the Wii Remote, which can be used with a plastic Wii Wheel device that uses the Wii Remote unit. activity detection of the controller to imitate the procedure of the guide wheel. Various other control planes supported: Wii Remote with Nunchuk add-on; classic controller; and a GameCube controller.

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Ideal video games on game boy color

Recalling at the background of Nintendo’s mobile gaming consoles, this design was type of an action in reverse. Released in 1998, GBC pulled Nintendo out of the black-and-white wilds of the initial Video game Kid. The console’s backward compatibility made it feasible to color existing Video game Child video games, and new games for this console got outstanding graphics for those times.

Pretty significant adjustments, isn’t it? Practically. In practice, the Video game Boy Shade became simply a console released to stimulate gamers’ passion in the Video game Boy Development, which was released two years later. The brand-new console outperformed the GBC in every means –in regards to graphics, sound and also simplicity of use. With the GBA looming imminent (and Nintendo didn’t even hide the approaching launch), it was hard to shake off the idea that the GBC was simply there to tremble us a few additional dollars prior to the actual successor to the cult console appeared in 2001.

Pokemon Pinball

If in the beginning the video game doesn’t look extremely excellent, after that in the direction of the center, when famous Pokémon like Mewtwo enter the scene, it’s virtually impossible to escape from it. The score on the screen grows at a planetary rate, and each battle brings countless factors.

Every little thing that happens is performed in the most effective practices of video games in the Pokemon cosmos. Nobody would certainly be surprised if the game ended up being average, yet the workshop approached the issue with all seriousness, as well as in the end we got one of the very best games on this platform.

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Silver and gold aren’t simply upgraded variations of Red as well as Blue; the new collection presented us to the principle of Pokémon reproduction, which offered us a justification to vanish right into our cherished world once again for lots of hrs. Currently we might independently draw out brand-new monsters as well as collect unusual teams.

The game also introduced a cycle of day and night, and some Pokémon might only be discovered at specific times of the day. The list of technologies is limitless, so we will just keep in mind that they good to go a new instructions for the growth of the collection, turning Pokemon into a totally solid RPG.

Mario Tennis

The regional storyline isn’t impressive, yet it definitely did its task of captivating the gamers. Right here we play as a beginner in the tennis college, that is gradually grasping and also planning for crucial competitions. By completing different tasks, we elevate the degree of the hero and obtain factors with which you can update the required skills; and also the hero himself can be imported into Mario Tennis for N64.

Although that Mario’s team only appears during the last challenge and can only be played in unique mode, Mario Tennis does well without the title personality.


Shantaes is loaded with points typical of a 2D platformer (operating, leaping, incentives spread throughout the degrees, etc), but all this is done so well as well as beautifully (particularly by GBC standards) that it’& rsquo; s difficult to even find analogues. On our site romsemulation.com, you can find an emulator that can support your preferred console games and then download compatible ROM games.

Last year, a spin-off called Shantae: Riskys Revenge was released on the DSiWare platform, showing that the character and the total concept of the game still have potential. Perhaps a full-fledged follow up awaits us?

Wario Land 3

There is a prize concealed in each level, however, as befits an excellent experience video game, it takes a very long time to reach it – you need to go around the whole level backwards and forwards, utilizing the newly found immortality of Wario. This new take on acquainted aspects of 2D video gaming has made Wario Land 3 one of the most legendary games on the GBC.

Throw in some terrific computer animation, fun music, and also a suitable tale, and also you have actually obtained a decent sequel that will hopefully take on a brand-new life on the 3DS Virtual Console.

Bionic Task Force: Elite Forces

The Bionic Commando franchise, after the launch of Elite Forces, which obtained full marks from players and also movie critics, was frozen for 8 years as well as proceeded with the outstanding Bionic Commando Rearmed.

We continue to like the technicians of Elite Forces and its addicting 2D gameplay and truly eagerly anticipate seeing the game on the 3DS Online Console. Do not create the job off, Capcom!

Полипропиленовые трубопроводы, некоторые особенности при комплектации

Минусы водопровода из металлических трубопроводов известны каждому человеку. Это неприятный привкус спиртосодержащей воды, конденсат на трубопроводах, необходимость плановой покраски, короткий срок службы, связанный со склонностью стали к ржавчине, и многое другое. А также, кто не узнаете остаточный шум водопроводной трубы?

Полипропиленовые трубы – один из самых современных продуктов для обустройства водопроводных сетей. Появившись не так давно, они очень быстро сменили металлические трубы из нескольких секторов хозяйственного назначения. Причина в том, что полипропиленовые трубы лишены большинства негативных моментов, присущих стальным аналогам.

Срок службы металлических труб составляет в лучшем случае около 15 лет. Это при том, что на протяжении всего этого периода труба будет изнутри покрыта наростом ржи, а также известковыми платежами, постоянно уменьшающимися в размерах. Эти отложения создают прекрасную питательную среду для нескольких микробов. А также часто могут возникать такие знакомые многим ощущения, которые в народе называют «лопнул трубопровод».

Полипропиленовая труба надежно прослужит долгие годы (до 50 лет!). Экологически чистый продукт имеет гладкую поверхность, не подверженную агрессивным воздействиям, а также другим химическим явлениям. Такая труба будет оставаться гладкой внутри до окончания срока службы, в результате вода будет намного чище.

Кому не нужно было перекрашивать металлические трубы? Полипропилен решает и эту проблему. Труба из этого материала не требует дополнительного защитного покрытия, имеет стабильный оттенок, а также достаточно внешний вид (в отличие от железа). Если же сравнивать, то через 10 лет эксплуатации полипропиленовые и стальные трубы наверняка будут выглядеть как итальянская мебель и старый диван соответственно.

Полипропиленовые трубы намного удобнее как при транспортировке, так и при установке в рассрочку. Для их монтажа не требуются дорогостоящие инструменты, а также сварка открытым пламенем. Скорость наладки водопровода из полипропиленовых трубопроводов по статистике в 2-3 раза больше, чем при монтаже металлических. Так же как и количество отходов маргинально. Установка полипропиленовых трубопроводов неизбежно дешевле, поэтому они рентабельны. Сколько стоит пайка пластиковых труб в нашей компании? – можно узнать на сайте santehnikobuhov.com.ua . На все сантехнические работы, включая пайка труб отопления или водопровода, мы даем гарантию, что позволяет при их неисправности повторно обратиться к нам и получить бесплатно ремонт.

Но на этом преимущества полипропиленовых труб не заканчиваются. В отличие от стали, они обладают исключительной звукоизоляцией и не обладают электропроводностью. Пониженная теплопроводность полипропилена исключает образование конденсата. Замерзшая вода разрушает стальную трубу, а полипропиленовый трубопровод лишь немного увеличивается в диаметре.

Не вызывает ли вопрос постепенное замещение стальных труб полипропиленовыми? Прогресс не стоит на месте, современные технологии постоянны.

Область применения полипропиленовых труб

Благодаря своим техническим качествам, а также простоте установки, не требующей особого понимания, полипропиленовые трубы с большой регулярностью используются в системах трубопроводов, подающих как питьевую, так и техническую воду. к бытовым и офисным зданиям. Кроме того, экологически чистый пропилен позволяет правильно использовать изделия из него в системах агропромышленного комплекса. Кроме того, определенные свойства пропилена позволяют перемещать по трубам из этого продукта сжатый воздух, а также различные агрессивные среды.

Виды полипропиленовых трубопроводов

Изюминкой полипропиленовых трубопроводов является их обратная связь с внезапными изменениями температуры, особенно с перегревом. Именно эта реакция и определяет область их применения. На сегодняшний день полипропиленовые трубопроводы предназначены для:

  • системы холодного водоснабжения
  • системы горячего водоснабжения
  • дренажные системы;
  • печь;
  • системы вентиляции.

Полипропиленовые трубы также различаются по несущей способности: армированные полипропиленовые трубопроводы, а также неармированные.

Преимущества полипропиленовых труб

Полипропиленовые трубопроводы имеют массу преимуществ, среди которых можно выделить следующие:

  • надежность, а также длительный срок службы;
  • стойкость к коррозионным процессам;
  • невосприимчивость к агрессивным, а также химическим средам;
  • легкий вес, что делает их установку и транспортировку без проблем;
  • трубные соединения, спаянные сварочным оборудованием;
  • устойчивость к непредвиденным и резким изменениям проблем – повышение уровня давления и температуры не повреждает трубу;
  • наличие идеального соотношения цены и премиального качества. Это качество простой настройки, а также низкая стоимость таких материалов, как полипропилен.